St Tiernan's Community School is a community school located between Dundrum and Sandyford, adjoining beautiful parkland.

At St Tiernan's Community School they offer a wide range of subjects, academic and practical, in a non-denominational setting. They foster the moral development of students through a school ethos based on respect for the dignity of each individual. They are alert and sensitive to the needs of students and expectations of society in a constantly changing world and we are innovative in modifying and designing programs to meet these needs and expectations. Most importantly, they encourage students and parents to become fully involved in the social, cultural, religious, intellectual and sporting life of the school community.

In addition to providing second level education to students over a wide catchment area, St Tiernan's runs very successful Post Leaving Certificate Courses and has a wide range of courses available to the public in their Adult Education Department.

In St Tiernan's they operate a Pastoral Care Programme which aims to develop the student in a holistic way.  This is facilitated through daily assemblies and tutorials as well as pastoral care classes.  It aims at enriching students' life at school and in general by developing awareness of opportunities and by providing help in setting goals and in meeting personal, social and academic challenges.

Local sports clubs and organisations avail of our facilities also, which makes St Tiernan's truly  "A school for the community".


Ciclo Junior

  • Science [Sci]
  • Cspe (civic education and social policy) [CSPE]
  • Diseño Gráfico [TG]
  • Home economics [HE]
  • Physical education [PE]
  • Religious education [RE]
  • Estudios Empresariales [BS]
  • French [Fr]
  • Gaeilge [Gae]
  • Geography [Geo]
  • History [His]
  • English [E]
  • Crafts [ACD]
  • Mathematics [M]
  • Materials Technology (wood) [MT]
  • Metalwork [MW]
  • Music [Mu]

Ciclo Senior

  • Art [A]
  • Biology [Bi]
  • Ciencias Económicas [Ec]
  • Accounting [Ac]
  • Economía Doméstica [HE]
  • Educación Religiosa [RE]
  • Estudios de Construcción [Co]
  • Business studies [BS]
  • Francés [Fr]
  • Physics [Ph]
  • Gaeilge [Gae]
  • Geografía [Geo]
  • History [His]
  • Engineering [En]
  • Inglés [E]
  • Matemáticas [M]
  • Música [Mu]
  • Chemistry [Ch]


  • School support
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Kitchen
  • Drama
  • Photography
  • European football
  • Gaelic football
  • Hurling
  • Hurling (irish hockey for boys)
  • Music
  • Netball
  • Orientation
  • Película
  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi
  • Workshop debates
  • Table tennis


  • Library
  • Canteen-Cafeteria
  • Gym
  • Pista Cubierta
  • Media room

Contact information

Address Parkvale, Balally, Dublin 16
Phone Number 12953224

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