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Host Families

Many of the host families that we use have been working with us for years. Their experience, sense of responsibility and genuine care of our students has resulted in friendships that have lasted far beyond the stay of our students. All of our host families are carefully selected and vetted through a process that includes an initial interview and home visit, inspection of the house and student’s bedroom, Garda (Police) vetting, completion of a questionnaire and regular visits by guardians during the student’s stay.

Airport Transfers

Our students are collected and transferred to their host family or boarding school. In the event that a student is based outside Dublin, we can organise an overnight stay in Dublin with transfer to where they are based the following day.

School Placements

Choosing the right school, one that reflects the interests and needs of your child, is very important. The range of options available include:

  • Public School. Mixed or single sex. Host Family.
  • Private School. Mixed or single sex. Host Family.
  • Private School. Mixed or single sex with full time boarding.
  • Private School. Mixed or single sex with boarding for weekdays and weekends with a host family.

Child Protection

In accordance with Irish Child Protection legislation, all host families and staff are garda (police) vetted.

Pastoral Care

We understand that you as parents place your child in our care and expect that we provide them with the care, attention and support they need individually throughout their time on the high school programme. The support required spans the initial arrival, settling in with a new family to the final end of term or year exams. We ensure regular meetings with each child to confirm that they are content and to address any issues that may arise. We liaise closely with our host families and schools to monitor your child and attend annual parent – teacher meetings at their schools to gauge their academic progress.


Our guardians play an important role in your child’s time in Ireland. They provide support to your child as they settle in to their new life in Ireland and find their way in their new school and surroundings. They develop a rapport with your child that allows them to advise them about general and specific aspects of their experience in Ireland. There is a 24/7 phone line in the event of an emergency.

English Classes

All of our high school students to date have attended General English classes on Saturdays from September to December. These classes provide our students with an opportunity to continue to improve their language skills in a formal setting. Just as importantly, they get a chance to catch up with their fellow high school programme students. They share stories and experiences and enjoy an afternoon of shopping when classes are over.

In January, we offer our students a short intensive FCE Cambridge programme. In May our students take the test in an official Cambridge centre. All of our students who have attended this course are very proud having achieved formal recognition via the Cambridge certification of their advancing English language skills.

Code of Conduct

To ensure the health and safety of all our students, and the continued success of the High School Programme, all students and parents must agree and sign the code of conduct. Host families are provided with a copy of the code of conduct. In this way, everyone understands that there are clear expectations and guidelines that students must abide by and that parents, guardians and host families are familiar with.


Every August, we host an induction weekend whereby our students arriving at this time can avail of a tour of Dublin city, an induction workshop which gives information on school requirements, host families, expectations and other details. In addition and in advance of our streamed English language classes, we also conduct an English placement test to confirm your child’s level of English.